What is the Latisse in san francisco do good for you

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What is the Latisse in san francisco do good for you Empty What is the Latisse in san francisco do good for you

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In the first quarter of 2009, will start Latisse in san francisco as prescribed, It contains an active ingredients of Lumigan glaucoma, drugs and drug made by Allergan.

Eyelash growth is Lumigan known side-effects. But Lumigan and Latisse in san francisco use different methods, Lumigan type, and tear is Latisse in san francisco is along eyelash besmear gently in the upper eyelid to make eyelash becomes more and more dense deeper and color.

Allergan, the company said Latisse in san francisco users in eight weeks can experience longer and more dense, and color deeper eyelash, 16 weeks will be more apparent effect, If you stop using Latisse in san francisco, along with the new eyelash eyelash will gradually grow, reply original state into.

Allergan company also pointed out that may cause palpebral skin Latisse in san francisco dark heavy, this phenomenon may change, in addition, also can cause the dark brown pigment precipitation eye color, it may be permanent.

Because Latisse in san francisco and skin often contact, it will promote the growth of hair and other skin Allergan, therefore, besides tu company suggestion on eyelid, don't spread it in other places, to prevent the skin side effects.

Allergan, the company said in according to the clinical trials, Latisse in san francisco effects can be accepted, the most common including eyes aglow, itching, and skin pigmentation.

In the beginning, the FDA advisory group, the Suggestions for further research on certain groups of patients, such as young patients undergoing chemotherapy and lose the eyelash.

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