How do you understand the Patent in San Ramon subject

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How do you understand the Patent in San Ramon subject Empty How do you understand the Patent in San Ramon subject

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Patent in San Ramon of the inventor or creator including for a non-service invention-creation inventor or design and the position of the invention to the inventor or designer. For a non-service invention-creation, refers to the unit is not execute the tasks, nor mainly USES unit provides material and technical conditions have completed the inventions. For for a non-service invention-creation, the right to apply for a patent belongs to the inventor or creator. The inventor or creator of an application for a patent for a non-service invention-creation, any unit or individual may suppress. After the application is approved, the inventor or design artificial Patent in San Ramon.
If a for a non-service invention-creation is composed of two or more than two inventor or designer is completed, the invention as an inventor or creator together. The common invention patent application and obtain Patent in San Ramon to all who were all together.
The inventor or creator unit for invention created, the subject is the Patent in San Ramon of the invention of the inventor or creator unit. Patent in San Ramon of the invention, refers to the implementation of this unit is the main task of the unit or the material and technical conditions on the invention. Here the "unit", including various types of ownership and property of domestic enterprises in China and chinese-foreign equity joint ventures, chinese-foreign contractual joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned enterprises, From the labor relations, both fixed work unit, also includes temporary work unit.

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